October 7, 20230
  1. First decide, what look you want for your wedding?
  • Traditional classic all rose look with minimal greens and A-line dress.
  • Choosing your wedding dress help set the guide you on the look of you event.
  • Consider the environment of the ballroom? Is all white with crown molding might look best with a Glam look, or does your venue have a barn look then a rustic styled wedding would look good.
  • Choose colors that are meaningful to you or colors that compliment your best features.

Look on Pinterest or google pages to find inspiration to present to your Florist or Event Designer

  1. Decide what an ideal budget for the SIZE of you guest count?

For Example: If you have $10,000 for 500 people that means that you are spending $20 person. Per table that seats 12 people. That’s $238.00 per table but that ONLY if you have No bridal party, backdrop, or any ceremonial florals. Best case scenario would be to have all low centerpieces at low a $80.00 cost per table to leave room for some sort of sweetheart table arrangement and bridal florals.

Also consider that bigger the wedding size the higher the cost for staffing for your event. So, pricing the florals will not be the only thing on the proposal from your florist

Considering the companies experience and size, the more experience the company has the more expensive they are likely to be due hiring their expertise and operating overhead cost. So often, these companies will have a minimum or a starting cost they cannot go below.

  1. How important is the level of Luxury florals to you for your wedding day?

No doubt, Florals make the room but at what cost? It is important to reflect if you are willing to pay for this luxurious look. Cutting corners to get a luxury look for an unrealistic price will likely result in disappointment on your wedding day (Please refer to why are florals so expensive bog).

Different Brides have different focuses. Some brides take a space that is less expensive to put more money into the décor to make it look exactly they want in way that would not be possible when choosing 60k venue. Other brides decide to cut back on guest count to have a nicer wedding, others choose to put less florals on their centerpieces and more into their backdrop into whichever is more important.

There are many ways to stay on budget, you just decide your hierarchy of importance!

  1. Be sure to only sign when you clearly understand what you are getting for the price.

It is customary to give estimated pricing based on a general concept, so if you are looking for something more specific ask for pricing based on your inspiration and design. Which many companies will gladly do once deposit is given to show commitment to guarantee business.

Shopping for florals can be a sticker shock but once you have done your research it gets easier, I promise!

Planning for your dream wedding can be overwhelming, especially there is no one to guide you. Before getting started it’s the first thing you should do is discuss with your spouse “how much money do we have or even willing to spend?” From answering this question everything else will fall in line. We know that the biggest area that money goes into is your guest count. For this reason, I like to recommend that keep your guest count low is the easiest and most effective way to save money! 40% of you money will go towards your guest i.e. your venue through food, beverage but guest count also effect areas like the number of favors, invitation, size of cake and even florals ( due to table count).

Once securing your venue the other services/products needed for your event are more so fixed cost. When deciding what services or products receive a larger part of the pie, ask yourself “what’s more important to me?” Depending on budget something is a choice of ‘This or That, but whatever you choose, always remember that you can’t get the moment back, so take some time to think about what you need and want for your special day with no regrets!

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