January 18, 20230

By now shopping around for your dream wedding has already led you to the conclusion that weddings are” Expensive”. The starting average can also vary from state to state but as for the Tri-state Area something nice can average considering a guest count of 6ok at a nice venue. It’s hard to justify all this money spending for just “one day” but the truth is that it’s a life alternating event that can’t be replicated.  There is always the option of going to courthouse and getting married but for many creating a memorable moment is about creating and following tradition.

As for the florals and Décor Fast Forward past the pandemic, like everything else flowers and supplies are expensive.

Product. The price of flowers appropriate to make your wedding beautiful can range. The type of florals that float through your Pinterest or social media feed of the most expensive florals make it appear the norm for wedding florals, but they come at a higher cost. Some of the most beautiful textures and colors come from some of the premium line of florals like peonies, ranunculus, and orchids to name a few. Wedding quality flowers not like supermarket carnations cost more to source, especially since many of these are imported. Supplies for event like vases, containers, food for flowers and hardware all add up fast. Although many companies will try to shop for the best price often there is fine line with a bargain and quality.

Labor + Time. Overall, though live florals take lots of care to keep them fresh for your wedding day.  Depending on the flower, floral care can start 3-4 days before your event, prepping and stripping thorns and unwanted foliage to make sure that you have most beautiful arrangements for your wedding day. Imagine removing leaves and thorns from 2,000 roses, no doubt that takes a team to prepare for such an important event.

Which leads us to the next point. Due to the nature of flowers everything is arranged on a strict time schedule just before the day of the event to guarantee the freshest florals your event. Not to mention large scale events that involve onsite installation of a backdrop or a stairway that cannot be done in advance. Requires multiple SKILLED (and expensive) staff onsite preforming their job under strict time slot OFTEN restricted by the venue until the whole day was purchased by the couple.

There often many hours accounted for in designing an event between shopping for florals from wholesaler, processing the items, communication with multiple vendors including the venue to make the day seamless for your perfect event. when the event is over, the work is not done; the team needs to quickly pack up and clean up during a restricted time constraint of the venue. Depending on the scale of the event this can take hours including unpacking into storage.

Expertise. Depending on your taste, the level of expertise needed to produce a beautiful event can vary. When choosing your florist, it is important to connect with a business who has the style of design you were looking for. For your florist to be at the level it took time and no doubt money even education is some cases to get the point that they can provide these luxurious finished products. Like most profession, the better they are the more they cost or want to get paid.

When you factor in product, supplies, labor, and expertise it not hard to see how easy things add up.

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